How to Make a Duet Video on Tik Tok(Musically)? 5 Easy Steps

By May 3, 2020TikTok Guide

Making a duet video on Tik Tok is one of the most effective ways to gain a lot of popularity and and fan following. But before starting, you must know how to begin your career on Tik Tok by uploading your first video on this amazing, world famous application. For making a duet on Tik Tok, you won’t have to sit around with another person with a table and chair, don’t worry about that. For making a duet video with someone whom you might not even know in real life, there is the Tik Tok way to do it. In this article we’ve explained that in the best way possible. So let’s get started-

This is how you make your first Tik Tok duet video

For creating a duet video with someone, what you need to do is follow him or her and make the other person follow you on Tik Tok. This is the only condition that needs to be fulfilled in order for you to make a duet video with someone. First make sure that this condition is duly fulfilled.

Afterwards, we get started on the following 5 steps below-

#1. To start, first of all open any video of that friend with whom you would like to create a duet video.

#2. On the right hand side of the video screen, you will see an sharing button. Tap on it.

#3. After you do, there will be a whole menu in front of you with options from different applications to share. You’ll also find the duet icon there. Click on it.

#4. After this, you’ll get two options. One will be the option to make a montage, in which a mixed movie of you and your friend’s video will be made, whereas the second one is split-screen, in which two videos will be played at the same time. You can choose the option which you find the best.

#5. After this, you can record your desired video just by holding down the record button. After the video is recorded, you can add the extra finishing items to it and make a final check before publishing it.

Make Tik Tok duets more effective with these simple tips

Before publishing it though, you must read the tips below, which will help you in making the best possible duet video. These tips will help you and your friend and you will know how to get more Tik Tok fans and follows.

So, Here we go-

• Use the most popular hashtags available if you want to get the most views and make your video really popular on the whole Tik Tok application. The hashtags need to be added in the end just before the video is going to be uploaded. The most popular hashtags are- #boy, #girl, #popular, #comedy, #talent and #feature.

• After you have made the duet video with your friend, be sure to check it. What you need to make sure while checking is that you need to ensure that the video transforms between your part and your friend’s part. After you’ve done that, you can either choose to conserve the video for personal or you can upload the whole video on Tik Tok.

• Always keep clicking on the lightning bolt button. The button is there so that you can keep checking all your notifications. These notifications are about who has seen your videos, who has liked it and who has decided to follow you.

• There is a good chance that there will be some people on Tik Tok whom you will like the most. To keep an eye on their uploads, what you can do is that you can put them on article notices. That way, whenever they upload a new video, you will get an alert from Tik Tok about their latest upload.

• Make an Instagram handle for yourself where you’ve added your friends and other people. What you need to do is that you need to share your latest upload on Instagram every time, so that its reach increases and more people see it.

• You also need to go and see movies which are similar to yours, meaning that they’re in the same category as your movies. In the comments section, you need to comment positive things about those video whilst leaving a link of your own. This is s proven method to increase your video’s reach.

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